What We Do


Landing Pages 
Get world-class copy for individual web pages or for an entire website from a marketing giant that businesses trust!

Sales Copy
If you want to watch your competitors burn, you’ll want to get your sales copy from the marketing wizards at Pendragon Marketing. Our sales copy takes the fight to the competition and gets results.

Blog Posts
Our American blog writers go through a brutal vetting process, ensuring that our clients get exquisitely written blogs from true professionals. When it comes to blog posts, Pendragon Marketing doesn’t believe in fluff content, we believe in value, and that’s what we deliver week after week.  

Case Studies
Maximize the value of your partner relationships by featuring them in a case study. All of our case studies are professionally written by marketing specialists.

Opt-in Pages
Get expertly crafted opt-in pages to promote one of your services. Our opt-in pages get results; just ask our customers!

Professional Bios
When you want to look your best online, you’ll want to take advantage of one of our professionally written bios. The team at Pendragon Marketing knows what it takes to create a perfect bio. We’ll make you sound like the rock star you are!

Video Scripts
If content is king, video content is the king of content. Ask the experts at Pendragon Marketing about the advantages of video scripts and how they can help accelerate growth for your business!

Ghostwritten eBooks
Want to publish an eBook and make a profit but don’t have time to write it yourself? Pendragon Marketing can help! We have a team of professional ghostwriters with the talent and experience to create an eBook on any topic you can think of. 


Full-Service Marketing Campaigns

Some marketing agencies will give their clients the same generic marketing strategies that everyone else is using.  At Pendragon Marketing, we do things differently. We believe in being unique, we believe in value, and that’s why we provide our clients with specially designed marketing campaigns that put you at the front of the line. 

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are only as good as the content within them. If you want to increase your ROI on Facebook ads, come to Pendragon Marketing. Our Facebook ads are written by American professionals with social media marketing experience. 

Google Ads

Google ads can be extremely lucrative as long as they’re written by a professional. Pendragon Marketing has the expertise you need to make your Google ads succeed!

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies today. We can provide you with SMS marketing content that keeps customers coming back for more!

Social Media Management

When you have a social media management service, life is easy. Why? Because we make it easy. Pendragon Marketing has the talent, expertise, and bandwidth to take your social media marketing to the next level with our fully-managed service. 

Press Release Services and Media Coverage
We provide a professional press release designed to help increase exposure for businesses looking to make an impression. Hiring Pendragon Marketing to produce a press release can help your business get noticed in the media. 

Technical Services With a Marketing Twist

Website Security

Website security is something that no business can afford to ignore. Pendragon Marketing has a robust arsenal of website security services that can keep your business safe in this uncertain age. 

Website Management 

Every good website needs a website management service. Business owners don’t have time to spend on website management, but we do. Pendragon Marketing can keep your website running like a dream, leaving you free to focus on your business. 

Website Development

No technical skills? No problem! Take your idea to Pendragon Marketing, and our American web development team will build the kind of website your business deserves!

Website Design

Websites are the new business cards. Pendragon Marketing has an entire team of professional web designers to turn your dream into a reality!

Website Hosting

Give your website a home with Pendragon Marketing. We’ll facilitate hosting for your website without breaking the bank. We also provide a generous variety of support features. 


Social Media Conduct Policies for the Whole Company
In today’s bewildering business environment, something as seemingly simple as a company social media policy can be incredibly challenging to develop independently. Pendragon Marketing has you covered. 

We develop customized social media policies that our clients use to govern social media conduct across the organization. The best part? They’re a hit. Employees love them because we keep it simple while covering all of the bases at no extra cost to you. 

Brand Identity
Not sure who your brand is yet? We can help. Just like Michelangelo, we’ll chip away at your big blank block of marble until we free the angel inside, creating a clearly-defined brand that rocks.

Business Growth and Development Consulting
Feel like your business isn’t growing as fast as you’d like? Then you need a consult with the marketing gods (and goddesses) at  Pendragon Marketing! We know what it takes to give a new business the juice it needs to thrive and take things to the next level. Our team delivers results that are out of this world while remaining refreshingly down to Earth. 

Marketing Campaign Strategy
Our team has the expertise to provide your business with a customized marketing campaign strategy that’s engineered to engage.